Spanish Oak Rabbitry

French Lop Rabbits

RIP Jack  12-10-01 - 4-22-13  You were the best dog.  You took care of the farm and all the animals.  And you were a great friend!  I will miss you always.

Dozer, my new bullmastiff puppy.  He is almost 6 mos. old here.  He is learning quickly about the farm.

Jack and Tiger--Tiger wasn't feeling well and Jack shared his bed with him.   It's nice to have such a good friend!

RIP, Mama, the donkey, November 2013.  We d had Mama over 26 years.  She used to be dark brown!  She has wandered into a couple of my pictures of the bunnies!  She is missed.  She was a fixture here at the farm.

Skunkers  -- Tom's shop cat.  Skunkers was dropped off at our farm a couple of years ago as a starving little kitten. Someone had painted a white stripe from the top of his head to the tip of his tail--hence, his name!  He is now well-fed, healthy, and very loving.

Jeb, my daughter's dog who ALWAYS likes to come to the farm!

Gus, my son's pug who comes to visit.  He is learning all about the farm!  Bottom Picture: A look inside the henhouse

Hmmmm... the license plate doesn't match the picture!