Spanish Oak Rabbitry

French Lop Rabbits

Blizzard February 5-6, 2010    I missed the PaSRBA Convention because of the blizzard we got on this weekend.  I really wanted to go to Lebanon, but if I went early to beat the storm, I wouldn't be able to get home!  We got nearly 30 inches of snow --here are some photos!




Looking into the Barn

Looking across the barnyard during the storm

Gus the pug had to have a tunnel dug for him!

It was really coming down here

During the Storm...

During the Storm, looking down towards the creek

The snow is piling up!

Piling up some more....

Right after the storm.   The sun started peeking out

Looking up the road after trying to do some plowing......

Morning after storm, looking down towards creek.  The sun is hitting the trees.  There is no denying the beauty of it.