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French Lop Rabbits - King of the Fancy!

Spanish Oak Rabbitry breeds quality french lops--for show and temperament.  I breed a variety of colors, including dilutes. I have many excellent lines in my pedigrees from top breeders in the country.   My goal is to breed the best-typed french lop with the best temperament that I can. 

Member of ARBA and LRCA. I am also a member of  Blue Ridge Rabbit & Cavy Club.

I am located in the beautiful scenic Shenandoah Valley in northern Virginia. I am on 13-1/2 acres with the Opequon Creek running through one boundary, several acres of pasture, and several acres of woodland.

 I attend many shows in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Please keep in mind french lops are large rabbits.  Bucks are a minimum of 11 lbs. and does are a minimum of 11-1/2 lbs.


ARBA Rabbitry Reg. # W247    Established November, 2003


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My barn after a storm


Our Name ---Spanish Oak Rabbitry

The name of the rabbitry, Spanish Oak Rabbitry, comes from historic significance of our property.  Our house dates back to at least 1756 with the first recorded reference to it on a survey.  It may be older.  It is a two-story log house that was used as an inn.  The house and property is rich with history.  It was used as a hospital during the Civil War.  It was farmed, a tannery was on the property, a distillery, and also a brickyard.  Bricks were made using the clay harvested out of the creek.  It was a toll house where people paid a toll to ford the Opequon Creek, which borders the property. The very first survey, and all subsequent surveys since, started at the "Spanish Oak", which is a huge tree near the creek. The earliest survey pinpoints this tree next to the creek on a map.  In order to be used as a survey point, it had to have been a huge tree in the 1750's.  So it was a very old tree.  About 15 years ago the Virginia State Forester visited us to measure the tree.  He took the measurements and declared the tree was the largest burr oak in Virginia and it was listed in the registry as such.  Burr oak is the current species name for the tree but a couple of centuries ago it was called spanish oak.  Hurricane Isabel stormed through Virginia in 2003 and brought down the live portion of the tree.  The huge, hollowed stump is still standing, sort of like a monument to the great tree that it was.

The Spanish Oak -- The stump is hollowed and about 25-30 feet tall.  I need to take a picture of it in the fall when there isn't so much foliage around it.

The rabbits are housed in this 100-year old barn that we restored in 2008. They are in the bottom of the bank barn and it has wonderful ventilation and always a cross-breeze, even in the heat of the summer.  It stays relatively cool in there in the summer.  

Inside the rabbitry.  My cages are hung, which makes clean-up very easy.

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